1. This is the Privacy Policy of The Cranbourne Hotel Pty.Ltd. trading as Craig's Royal Hotel 10 Lydiard Street South, Ballarat Phone 03 5331 1377 Fax 03 5331 7103 email:

2. Craig's Royal Hotel choose to comply with the National Privacy Principles.

3. The following exemptions under the Privacy Act apply to information we hold and collect:

(a) Employee records.

4. Further information about the way we manage the personal information we hold will be provided on request. Contact John Finning Managing Director 03 5331 1377.

5. We collect the following kinds of personal information about individuals for the stated purpose and disclose as stated:

(a) Accommodation- name, address, telephone(s), email, company details (if applicable), payment details (credit card, cash or cheque), telephone usage. The main purpose of collecting this information is to provide an accommodation service including deliveries and telephone calls. Information will be provided to a company responsible for the account. Information about a guest's identity will be provided to callers unless confidentiality is requested.

(b) Customer Loyalty Program(s) - name, address, telephone(s), email, date of birth, sex, and service use and frequency. The main purpose of collecting this information is to offer further service to the individual and to improve customer service.

(c) Bistro bookings contact details- for the purpose of identifying dining guests.

(d) Gaming self-exclusion forms- for the purpose of the meeting the obligation to exclude individuals from gaming as requested.

(e) Marketing promotions- for the purpose of direct marketing.

(f) Employment Applications- details of employment applications will not be disclosed to third parties other than referees. No information will be retained about a referee's comments. If an application is unsuccessful, material may be archived up to one year and then destroyed.

(g) Financial information- information about individuals and company's accounts payable and receivable are kept on financial files as required and archived in accordance with accounting and taxation practices.

6. Procedure on request for access to information

(a) Individuals may have access to current information we hold about them but not material archived awaiting destruction.

(b) Requests may be made verbally or in writing.

(c) Individuals may be requested to provide proof of identity.

(d) There is no charge for requesting information.

(e) There may be a reasonable charge for retrieving information requested.

(f) Access to information will be provided within a reasonable time

(g) The method of access will be at the discretion of the General Manger and/or the Manager Directors.

7. Personal information is kept in secure areas and secure databases.

8. Personal information may be provided to third parties as required by law and if requested by emergency services.

9. Personal information may be provided to third parties with whom we contact for mailing services and accounting and legal assistance on the basis that the information is only to be used for that purpose.

10. Personal information that is no longer in use will be destroyed by shredding of papers or wiping of computer disks when no longer required for audit or taxation purposes.

11. We have an internal complaint resolution process for privacy matters where an individual is not satisfied with our procedure or how we deal with a request for access. There is no cost to individuals who wish to complain. Contact John Finning, ph. 03 5331 1377.